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[one_half] I’m a digital strategist and user experience designer with 15 years experience; from my first summer job as a web designer to Digital Director roles. I’ve lived in Tokyo, Australia & the UK, for the last 8 years living in Brighton, England – the city known as the ‘digital beach’ and a leading community in digital thought-leadership.

I’ve worked on projects ranging from multi-national web solution rollouts to interactive experiential pieces, online communities, web & mobile applications and digital/integrated advertising campaigns. Mobile and experiential, applied technology, digital publishing and m-commerce are current areas of research.

View some of my work, connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter or get in touch for a chat.


[one_half_last]I’m a strategic thinker with a creative background as well as a deep technical knowledge. I’m equally comfortable engaging  with both technical and non-technical people, and while being a creative type, I aim never to lose sight of business goals, the user and pragmatic problem solving.

My passion for technology is underpinned by a deep commitment to  user experience, and while having spent most of my life working in the online world, my real passion is the interface between the digital world and the human world.

I’m available for freelance and contract work in digital strategy, digital creative, user experience design, service design & interaction design.

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